Flat Tire Took Us to Dickens Victorian Village in Cambridge, Ohio

Dickens Victorian Village in Cambridge, Ohio - Two Worlds Treasures

Nobody wanted a flat tire during their holiday trip, but when it took us to Dickens Victorian Village in Cambridge, Ohio, it’s another story. That’s what happened to us on our way home to Texas from Pennsylvania last Thanksgiving holiday. 

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Granbury Living Christmas Cards: Where Christmas Magic Starts

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, and Granbury Living Christmas Cards makes the holiday even merrier. Picture yourself holding a Christmas card and suddenly it becomes alive when a group of people play and sing the scene right in front of you. Or, the famous Christmas story from long time ago is happening right before your eyes. Isn’t that special? 

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Magical Christmas in Small Town USA

Christmas In Small Town USA - Two Worlds Treasures

Who wants to experience magical Christmas in small town USA? I do! I always dream to go on a sleigh ride somewhere in the New England, picture with Cowboy Santa, listening to children’s caroling, watching the lighted tractors parading into town, test tasting all kinds of cookies unique to the area, looking at Christmas lights around downtown, and so much more. The dream is long like a kid’s wish list to Santa.

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Pros & Cons on Tent Camping in RV Park


When campground was full, we liked to tent camping in RV Park during our trip. It started about 4 years ago when we went on a last-minute summer road trip with a family friend.

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One Hour at Beautiful Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, Colorado

Beautiful Betty Ford Alpine Gardens - Two Worlds Treasures

If we didn’t drive pass Vail, Colorado on our way to Moab, Utah, we probably never made it to beautiful Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. In fact, we never heard about the garden before. But let me tell you something. Betty Ford Alpine Gardens maybe small, but it is the highest elevation botanical garden in the world situated at 8,200′ (2,700m) in the central Rocky Mountains, and there’s no entrance fee to the gardens.

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