6 Texas State Parks in Hill Country for Spring Break in a Budget

Pedernales Falls State Park - Texas State Parks in Hill Country

Do you like water but budget a bit tight for playing in the beach this coming Spring Break? Don’t worry! These 6 Texas State Parks in Hill Country will make it up for you. You and your family will have ton of fun visiting one or several of these parks during next Spring Break.

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3 Indonesian Cookies for the Holiday that You Should Try while Traveling in Indonesia

Less than a week the Christians around the world will celebrate Christmas and a week after that the whole world is welcoming the New Year. Currently, the ladies in the Christian family in Indonesia are busy preparing cookies for family and friends, cookies that are staple in every household for the holiday. For ones who don’t have time to bake, they will place order to friends, relatives, or buy it from the store. If you happen to be in Indonesia at this end of year, do try these staple Indonesian cookies for the holiday that you can easily find in …

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Chasing a Dramatic Fall Scene in Texas

Chasing a Dramatic Fall Scene in Texas - Two Worlds Treasures

You might think I’m crazy, but dramatic fall scene in Texas is rare. It’s hard to predict when the leaves would change color. Most of the times the wind would blow them all down even before they got to change color completely. So, when Backpacker magazine November edition arrived in the mail box and one of the month’s top trips and picks was a hike in Pedernales Falls State Park with a dramatic view of fall season, I instantly told my husband that we must go there. Besides, it is said the cypresses along the riverbanks don’t typically turn until …

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Things to Do in Pittsburgh with Kids AFTER CHRISTMAS

Things to do in Pittsburgh with kids After Christmas - the Strip - Two Worlds Treasures

Presents opened, played, and stacked at the corner of the room. No more Christmas gathering to attend. Your kids started to get bored, but your family still have a few days to spend in Pittsburgh before going back to your hometown. What’s next? What to do? Where to go? Sounds familiar?

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