Stonehenge and Easter Island in Texas Hill Country

Stonehenge and Easter Island Torso - Ingram, Hill Country, TX.

Who would have thought the famous Stonehenge located just a few feet away from Easter Island? And you could hop between Stonehenge and Easter Island as many times as you want.

I first read about Stonehenge and Easter Island in Hill Country, Texas when I was at the dentist waiting room. I didn’t write down the location and forgot about it until a friend and her family went there about 2-3 years ago. But, every time we made a trip to Hill Country, we never got a chance to stop there until last Labor Day weekend.

Stonehenge and Easter Island

About 20 years ago, Stonehenge II was created as an art project by the late Al Shepperd, a Hill Country Arts Foundation patron. His neighbor, Dough Hill, had helped him created it. They built it on Shepperd’s land in nearby Hunt, Texas. It took 9 months to build and is 90% the height and 60% the widths as the original in England.

Later on, Shepperd added two 13-foot Easter Island head replicas for good measure.

After Shepperd’s death, the megalithic circle along with the head replicas needed a new home. The sculptures were relocated stone-by-stone to their final resting place beside the Guadalupe River on the campus of the Hill Country Arts Foundation, in the city of Ingram.

Stonehenge and Easter Island have been visited by thousands of tourists since they were at the original location in Hunt. We added the number of visitors together with four other families who enjoyed these road trip attractions at the time. It’s worth a visit but I may suggest you visit either in the Fall or Spring when the weather is nice. Or, early in the morning or late evening during summertime.

Fee: Stonehenge II is free and open to the public from dawn until nightfall.

Location: 120 Point Theatre Rd. S., Ingram, Texas.

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