Lambert’s Cafe – Home of Throwed Rolls

The first time we traveled I-55 in Missouri from Texas to Illinois, I saw a billboard of Lambert’s Café, Home of the Throwed Rolls. I turned to my husband who happened turning his head to me, too. “Isn’t it the one in Travel Channel?” I asked him. “Yeap!” said my husband. “One of the best places to pig out or something like that?” I continued. “Yeap!” my husband nodded. “Let’s go there! I want to try it,” I added.

It was in the beginning of summertime and closed to lunch time. The parking lot was full with cars and vans by the time we arrived at Lambert’s Café in Sikeston, Missouri. People were lining up at the door but it didn’t make us change our mind. Fortunately there were wooden trains and electric wagon at the front yard so our son could play while we waited for our table.









Finally the hostess called our name and took us to the table. Immediately I saw something flying in the air. Yeap! It’s the hot rolls! I couldn’t wait to catch them. After the waiter took our order, we didn’t wait for long to raise our hands when we heard another waiter saying “hot rolls.” Yes, just raise your hand when you hear the waiter saying “hot rolls”. They will look around to make sure they will not miss anybody.

“Hot rolls! Hot rolls!”

The roll was hot and when you spread butter on it, mmm… it’s so delicious! But be careful when they just come out from the kitchen. You have to put it on your napkin once you catch it. It was fun catching the rolls or even just watching others catching it.

Where’s the roll?

Other waiters moved around constantly offering onion fried potatoes, fried okra, macaroni & tomatoes, and black-eyed peas. These were what they called pass arounds that came free with any meals. You could start munching on them even before your order has arrived, but make sure you still have a room for the main course; because main course came with side dishes. The portion was big and we couldn’t finished them. We ordered catfish and gizzard that day and they were all good. Our son got his grilled cheese. Nothing beat the down home good eatin’ food, right?

One of the best fried catfish.
Do you like gizzard?
Happy and full after our first food adventure at Lambert’s Cafe.

The restaurant was huge with used licensed plates from all over the country on the wall, as well as memorabilia and country signs. They accept only cash or checks and when you finish eating and stop at the cashier, you can check Lambert’s souvenirs – large drink mugs, t-shirts, sorghum, and others. We were pleased with our first experience there and that’s where we stopped for lunch whenever we drove through the area.


First visited: Summer 2009

Last visited: Thanksgiving week 2015

Location: Sikeston, MO. Phone: (573) 471-4261.

Other locations: Ozark, MO. Phone: (417) 581-7655. Foley, AL. Phone: (251) 943-7655.

Note: All pictures were from our first visit in 2009.


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