Around the World in 3 Days

With some information in hand and a bit of imagination, I told our son that we’re going to take him around the world in just 3 days. “What?” he asked in disbelief. “No way!” he continued. “Yes way,” I said.

It was last year on Labor Day weekend when we traveled around the world in just 3 days. Our first stop was Easter Island, to see the famous massive carved stone head-and-torso, average 13 feet (4 meters) tall and 14 tons.


Around the world in 3 days first stop: Easter Island.

From there we flew to England, the city of Wiltshire to be exact, to see one of the famous monuments in the world: Stonehenge.

Around the world in 3 days second stop: Stonehenge.

Now that we were in Europe, we hopped on to Transylvania, a region in Romania. It’s time to see Count Dracula relatives: the bats, coming out at dusk looking for their prey.

Around the world in 3 days third stop: Transylvania.

On the second day of our trip around the world in 3 days, we did a time travel and transfer back to the Pacific War. We stopped at Japan, China, Korea, lots of small islands in the Pacific, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia, and of course Hawaii to watch our World War II heroes defended freedom for our nation and human beings.

Around the world in 3 days fourth stop: the Pacific.
Our son with Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.

While we were in the Pacific, I realized it’s already half-way to Indonesia. So, what’s better than spending time with my childhood friend and enjoying lontong sayur (soft rice with vegetable curry) that we liked to eat back when we were in high school?

On the last day of our adventure, we went to the local river for a relaxation. It was a nice day, the water was clean, and there weren’t other people around: a perfect time to end our around the world in 3 days adventure.

Around the world in 3 days fifth stop: Indonesia.

And it’s all taken place in Hill Country, Texas, just around 3,5 hours from home on the south side of Ft. Worth.


For more information on Around the World in 3 Days:

  1. Visit Stonehenge II and Easter Island in the Texas Hill Country. About 40 minutes from Fredericksburg in the city of Ingram.
  2. Watch the Bat Emergence at Old Tunnel State Park at 10619 Old San Antonio Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78629.
  3. You’ll Get Transferred at National Museum of the Pacific War for a complete history of World War II in the Pacific area. Located at 340 E Main St., Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Phone: (830)997-8600.
  4. Cooling Down at Guadalupe River in Boerne. Located on FM 474, it’s a local jewel and doesn’t miss it when you reach the bridge.



  • The first night we were camping at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. Cost: $10/night.
  • The second night we stayed at my friend’s house in Boerne. Cost: Big laugh and sleepless night.


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