There’s a White House in Texas

“What? A Texas White House?” you may ask. Yes, there is a White House in Texas. It’s where our 36th President, Lyndon B. Johnson, did his political activity during his presidential. Located in Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park at Stonewall, in this park we can also learn a lot about his birth, childhood, political career, retirement, and death.

Welcome to Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park.

Our first stop when we arrived at the park was Junction School, a typical one-room school where the President started school at the age of 4. He only attended school for several months in 1912 though, since the school closed early due to a whooping cough epidemic. Here we found a piece of information that said the president learned how to read from his mother before he started school. I pointed it out to our son and he thanked me for doing the same thing. We then took pictures at the picnic table where he signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act on April 11, 1965 with Miss Katie Deadrich, his first teacher at his side.

A typical one-room school where LBJ started school at the age of 4.
Here we are at the historical picnic table.

Then we stopped to see the family cemetery under big live oak trees. It owns by the Johnson family privately and they request visitors to not enter the cemetery.

The family cemetery.

Then we crossed the street to visit his reconstructed birthplace.

In front of LBJ’s reconstructed birthplace.
Yes, they still used outhouse at that time.

As we followed the street to the ranger station, we had to stop several times to let the cattle raised in the park crossing the street to the water source. I asked a ranger what they do with the cattle. He said they sell them but they don’t really make a lot of money because they’re just regular kind.

Give them room.







At the ranger station we got to see more of history of the president as well as his private jet and cars collection, including his white Lincoln convertible and Amphicar. There were several important documentations from his presidential on display, including phone conversations between LBJ and his cabinets and famous world leaders at that time. An hour gone by easily without we realized it.

By LBJ’s private jet.
Trying to unlock the safe deposit box.
One of his car collections.
Sworn in as Jr. Ranger at LBJ National Historical Park.












The Texas White House where he did his political activity during his presidential was located just next door. We didn’t do the house tour because the wait line was long but we got to see it from outside. Our son also got his Jr. Ranger badge here.

The Texas White House.

I wonder if LBJ and Lady Bird liked to swing here.


Visited: Spring Break 2016.

Location: 199 Park Road 52, Stonewall, TX 78671. Phone: (830) 644-2252.


– It’s free.

– Obtain a free driving permit at the Visitor Center to visit the LBJ Ranch (the one in Stonewall).

– You can easily spend an hour at this park to learn about our 36th president.

– Encourage your child to do the Junior Ranger program.

Note: Go to for more details.


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