Hiking Juniper Ridge Nature Trail and Bull Canyon Trail at Copper Breaks State Park

When I went online to check out the points of interest and hiking trail at this park, it is said that Bull Canyon Trail – Short Loop is ideal for visitors with limited time to explore the park. Since we were spending a night there, I added another trail, Juniper Ridge Nature Trail, to our list. Somehow the description about this trail interests me more and I know my son and his friend would enjoy it, too.


Hiking Juniper Ridge Nature Trail

We knew that we’re going to hike the rugged trail with steep, rocky terrain along the way once we got to parking. I also saw that the boys couldn’t wait to start the hike after they spotted boys around their age climbing the rocks.

Here are my husband and the boys climbing the stairs not too far from the starting point.

Started our hiking.

They saw this rock, off the trail, and of course, they couldn’t resist the temptation to climbing it.

climbing the rock

We continued and this was the view of the lake from the trail. There were people fishing for catfish, bass, or perch.

A view from the top of Copper Breaks Lake.

We went down to a bushy trail then went up again…

A flat bushy trail.Going up again.







until we found another rocky area that we couldn’t pass before we explored it. We spent about 10 minutes here.

On top of another interesting rock formation.Hide and seek.





Here we saw Permian Sea Tide Ripples that was left by an ancient sea millions of years ago.

Tide ripple along the trail.Another tide ripples.





Then we joined my husband at the top where there was a gazebo for people to enjoy the panorama.

Relaxing under the gazebo.

From there the hiking trail went down and mostly flat.

Flat trail towards the end.

At the end of the trail, we could stand on the top of the rock overlooking the Copper Breaks Lake.

At the end of the trail.

Distance: .7 mi

Difficulty: challenging

Duration: about an hour


Hiking Bull Canyon Trail – Short Loop

It looked like the trail ahead would be level and easy. Just like the description in the park’s brochure: a family friendly trail.

At the beginning of Bull Canyon Trail.

It’s not too far from the starting point when my son spotted a coyote scat while his friend started to have a headache a.k.a. another hiking?

Coyote scat.

We found more coyote scat and the boys decided they have to change the name of the trail to Coyote Trail. They were everywhere. We had to pay attention to where we walked.

More of coyote scats.

We arrived at the fork. Which one was our trail? To the left or to the right?

Which way is our trail?

Yes, it was to the left.

Follow the short trail.

We followed a narrow path on the right of the trail and it took us to the rim of a small canyon.

A hidden small canyon.

These were a couple of plants we saw along the trail: Yucca Plants and Pencil Cactus.

Yucca plant.Pointy pencil cactus.







These were the beautiful yellow birds, and we reached the end of the trail not too far from here.

Beautiful yellow birds.What is your name bird?





Distance: .96 mi

Difficulty: easy

Duration: about an hour


At the end, Juniper Ridge Nature Trail is more interesting than Bull Canyon Trail – Short Loop. I would say children will have more fun climbing and exploring the rocks rather than hiking on a flat terrain. It might be a challenging trail, but it’s not that hard. It’s doable. When you plan a stop here, I suggest you hike Juniper Ridge Nature Trail.


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