Love, Indonesian Chocolate.

Various great taste Indonesian chocolate

I was surprised when I stumbled across an article about Indonesian chocolate in Garuda in-flight magazine. I didn’t know there are good number of chocolates made in Indonesia. And not only that. Indonesia is the #3 cacao producer in the world and they shoot for #1 in the year of 2020! Also, Indonesian cacao have been used for years to make the finest chocolate in Belgium and Swiss!

Wow! Where was I all this time? How could I never hear about this? I only heard about a couple of brands and my family or friends never talked about Indonesian chocolate. All they talked about is coffee. But I don’t blame them. When I searched further about Indonesian chocolate, a cacao producer spokesman also said that only a handful of Indonesian know about Indonesian chocolate. It’s different when they talk about coffee.

Searching for Indonesian Chocolate

So, you know what I did after I landed back in Jakarta, right? I searched for Indonesian chocolate at the supermarkets. The first 3 supermarkets I went to didn’t have them. Then my sister took me to a big department store that has a supermarket that sells lots of Indonesian products. Yes! We found one brand, Monggo. It’s from Yogyakarta, crafted by a Belgium chocolatiers.

Krakakoa & Monggo Chocolate, made in Indonesia.

I searched again through the internet and found information from a blog about chocolate made in Jakarta, Pipiltin. It is said they have a café where I could devour their chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, and other chocolaty desserts. When we got there, the café is no longer around. They only make and deliver the chocolates to different places around Jakarta. Bummer! But a worker told us a supermarket nearby where we can find their product. So, we headed there.

Pipiltin Cocoa, made in Indonesia.

And Jakarta was good to me that evening! I wasn’t only find Pipiltin but I found other brands: Krakakoa from Bandar Lampung and Delicacao and Wonder Chocolate from Bali. Most of them came in the form of dark chocolate; plain or with nuts and fruits. They also came with ginger, red chili, and other local spices. I bought some and all the chocolates we opened that night tasted great. My nieces were surprised. They didn’t know Indonesian chocolate taste like the ones from Belgium.

Now I know one thing that I am going to do when I go to Indonesia again. Indonesian chocolate adventure. There is still more brand that I haven’t a chance to try, like Inyong from Purwokerto, Chocodot from Garut, GuSant from Blitar, and Pod from Bali to name a few. Can’t wait to go to the places where they make the chocolates!

Love, love Indonesian chocolate.

Places to buy Indonesian Chocolate in Jakarta

  • Sogo Dept. Store. – in the supermarket
  • Lucky Supermarket
  • Souvenir shop in Cengkareng Airport


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