Visiting Washington, D.C. During Christmas Break: 6 Days, 25+ Spots

Visiting Washington, D.C. during Christmas Break-lincoln-memorial

Once again, the dentist’s waiting room gave me an idea for a vacation trip. This time I read a short info in a parenting magazine about visiting Washington, D.C. between Christmas and the first week after New Year. Added with a promo price from Southwest Airlines flying from Dallas to D.C., my family had a memorable winter in D.C. at the end of year.

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Space Foundation Discovery Center: A Place for Curious Explorers of all Ages

Space discovery Center Foundation, the museum.

If you and your family are space enthusiasts, Space Foundation Discovery Center is one of the destinations to be while you are in Colorado Springs. It may be the region’s only space, science, and technology attraction. But, the exhibitions they have for a not-too-big space will blow your curiosity away. Not to mention their weekend or week-long programs that children and adult will like to explore.

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New Mexico Museum of Space History: 1 of 50 Museums Around the World to Blow Your Mind.

New Mexico Museum of Space History: outdoor exhibition.

As soon as we walked to the New Mexico Museum of Space History yard, my husband started mouth-watering seeing all the rockets he recognized from he was little. At the same time, our wannabe astronaut son couldn’t wait to check them out one by one. Obviously the heat from the New Mexico afternoon sun didn’t bother them at all.

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