Things to Do in Pittsburgh with Kids AFTER CHRISTMAS

Things to do in Pittsburgh with kids After Christmas - the Strip - Two Worlds Treasures

Presents opened, played, and stacked at the corner of the room. No more Christmas gathering to attend. Your kids started to get bored, but your family still have a few days to spend in Pittsburgh before going back to your hometown. What’s next? What to do? Where to go? Sounds familiar?

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Visiting Washington, D.C. During Christmas Break: 6 Days, 25+ Spots

Visiting Washington, D.C. during Christmas Break-lincoln-memorial

Once again, the dentist’s waiting room gave me an idea for a vacation trip. This time I read a short info in a parenting magazine about visiting Washington, D.C. between Christmas and the first week after New Year. Added with a promo price from Southwest Airlines flying from Dallas to D.C., my family had a memorable winter in D.C. at the end of year.

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One of the Best Pierogi in Pittsburgh

Potato & cheddar cheese Pierogi - S&D Polish Deli - Strip District, Pittsburgh - Two Worlds Treasures

“Pierogi? What’s that?” that’s what my Texan friends asked me, a girl from Indonesia to begin with. But I married the love of my life who’s from Pittsburgh, so Pierogi became something familiar to me for the past 14 years. Pierogi is the Polish version of a dumpling. They consist of a delicate dough stuffed with potato filling, cheese, meat, onion, sauerkraut, and sometimes fruit. It is a popular Eastern European food but its origin is hard to trace because people in Poland, Russia, Czechs, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovak, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ruthenia are all enjoy Pierogi although under a …

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Island Hopping in Flores, Indonesia – Day 3

Island Hopping in Flores, Indonesia - Day 3 - floating sea turtle - Siaba Island

After 6 months of waiting, we finally did the island hopping in Flores, Indonesia. We went there last June and rent a pinisi – a traditional Indonesian sailing boat – for 3 days and 2 nights, together with my sister’s family and her friend’s family. There were total of 11 people in the group plus our tour operator. It was the first time for all of us and we were so excited.

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Petrified Forest National Park: It’s a Wood! It’s a Rock! It’s a Fossil!

Petrified Forest National Park - colorful petrified wood

Our visit to Petrified Forest National Park was part of our road trip to the southwest region from three years ago. When we got there, it’s closed to 4 pm. and we weren’t sure what time it got dark. There are two entrances to this park: South Entrance and North Entrance, and the distance from one end to the other end are 28 miles (45 km) that takes about an hour of driving. Since we came from Tucson, we entered through the South Entrance.

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