About Two Worlds Treasures

Hi! My name is Umiko Buhl. When I moved to Texas in 2003 from Jakarta, Indonesia I knew for sure to find how different it is the culture from the east and the west. What I didn’t know, people from the South are different from people from the North as well as from the West, East, and other parts of the country. While I enjoyed pierogi when visiting family in Pittsburgh, my Texan and Californian friends apparently never heard about it. When I had to make room for cyclists in Colorado, I sometimes felt squashed in my compact car between trucks and SUVs in Texas.

For years my family and friends from Indonesia asked about how life in the U.S., how do we raise our son (American or Indonesian style), what do we eat, whether our son speaks Indonesian or not, and things like that. For them, and most of the people who have not been to the U.S., America is what they saw in the movies. America is Hollywood, which is not so true.

As someone who loves learning about different cultures, traditions, food, and nature I feel grateful to be able to take our son to learn and enjoy all those differences whenever we went for our family vacation or just to get together with my Indonesian friends. But I want him to know that the world is not only Texas, Pittsburgh, PA (where my husband came from), or Jakarta, Indonesia. There’s always another world on the other side of the world we live in now (Texas). There is so much to explore and to learn. I want him to treasure each and every one of our adventures, one day at a time.

I hope you too will find my blog as your new treasure in life as you dig in to our stories, then and now. Enjoy!