6 Reasons Why You Must Visit Flores Now

Flores: komodo dragons: Two Worlds Treasures

Flores. Most of you probably never heard about this island. It is an island in East Nusa Tenggara, a province on the eastern part of Indonesia. There are hundreds of smaller islands surrounding Flores, and most of them are uninhabited. Since a decade ago, more tourists from all over the world started coming in to enjoy the beauty of the islands. The sea, the land, the culture, the mountains, you name it. My family and I were so excited that we finally made it there after 9 months long of waiting. Now that we went there, I can tell you …

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Simple Avocado Juice: Indonesian drink: Two Worlds Treasures

While guacamole is arguably the most popular way to eat avocado in the U.S., in Indonesia we like to have it as Jus Alpukat (avocado juice, literally translate). Though when you see the juice, it looks more like a shake or smoothie. Here’s the easiest way to make it.   What you need: (1 serving) 1 small ripe and soft avocado Sweetened condensed milk Ice Water Blender   How to make it: 1.       Slice avocado in half. 2.       Discharge the seed, squished the meat to the blender. 3.       Add 2-3 ice cubes (better if using crushed ice). 4.       Blend with …

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9 Hari Menjelajah Flores – Catatan Hari Ke-7

Two Worlds Treasures: goodbye Wae Rebo: Wae Rebo, Flores, Indonesia.

Akhir Juni hinggal awal Juli kemarin, saya sekeluarga bersama keluarga kakak dan keluarga teman ipar saya menjelajah Flores buat pertama kalinya. Sehari di sana kami sudah jatuh cinta dengan Flores. Kami terpukau dengan keindahan laut dan darat Flores. Selama 5 hari kami dimanjakan oleh keindahan laut Flores, dimana 4 hari berikutnya wisata darat Flores yang memikat kami. Dan tentunya kami bersyukur atas rahmat dan kesempatan yang diberikanNya kepada kami untuk menikmati bumi Flores selama 9 hari itu. Berikut adalah catatan perjalanan saya yang saya harap dapat menjadi acuan atau menginspirasi Anda untuk mengunjungi Flores dan tempat-tempat indah lainnya yang tersebar …

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Visiting Bali with a 10-Year-Old Boy

Visiting Bali with a 10-year-old boy: famous Ulun Danu Temple: Bedugul

Bali. The island of thousands Hindu offerings. That’s what my son said every time he stood in front of our fridge, looking at Bali’s magnet we bought from our trip there back in June. He’d been to Bali twice before this trip, but they were when he was 9-month-old and 3-years-old. Now that he’s 10, he remembers it clearly, the small square offering found practically in front of every businesses, offices, houses, and hotels. Pretty much at every corner wherever we went. It’s not only one, sometimes it’s even 3 pieces in one place.

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