6 Places to Visit Around Santa Fe & Albuquerque, New Mexico This Summer

Santa Fe & Albuquerque - hanging red chile - Two Worlds Treasures

Are you planning to visit Santa Fe & Albuquerque this summer but not sure where to go or what to do? For out-of-state people like us, it’s hard to choose what places to visit when we are in Santa Fe & Albuquerque for only 2-3 days. Not only because both cities have so much to offer, but also because everyone in the family has their own preferences. One like nature, one like art, one like the museum, one like food, and one like history. And both cities and surrounding area have plenty of them.

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Space Foundation Discovery Center: A Place for Curious Explorers of all Ages

Space discovery Center Foundation, the museum.

If you and your family are space enthusiasts, Space Foundation Discovery Center is one of the destinations to be while you are in Colorado Springs. It may be the region’s only space, science, and technology attraction. But, the exhibitions they have for a not-too-big space will blow your curiosity away. Not to mention their weekend or week-long programs that children and adult will like to explore.

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Olympus 132 – Homey & Comfortable Airbnb in Lone Tree, Colorado, USA.

Olympus 132 Airbnb in Lone Tree, Colorado, USA.

Surely it is easy to understand why guests liked staying at Olympus 132 Airbnb in Lone Tree, south of Denver, Colorado. Not only the room is very clean and nice, but also you will feel comfort once you get into the house. In addition, this Airbnb is conveniently located between Denver and Colorado Springs. But most of all, the host, Patty, who happened to be my friend, is really friendly and helpful. Like one of the guests said, “It all starts and ends with Patty’s personality.”

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