New Mexico Museum of Space History: 1 of 50 Museums Around the World to Blow Your Mind.

New Mexico Museum of Space History: outdoor exhibition.

As soon as we walked to the New Mexico Museum of Space History yard, my husband started mouth-watering seeing all the rockets he recognized from he was little. At the same time, our wannabe astronaut son couldn’t wait to check them out one by one. Obviously the heat from the New Mexico afternoon sun didn’t bother them at all.

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“Mana oleh-olehnya?”

Pertanyaan ini selalu keluar dari mulut saudara-saudara atau teman-teman setiap kami-kami yang berdomisili di luar negeri datang berkunjung ke Indonesia. Apakah basa-basi atau serius, hanya yang bertanya yang tahu. Sementara yang ditanya jadi tidak enak hati: ini serius atau basa-basi, ya? Topik oleh-oleh ini sering jadi pembicaraan saat saya bertemu dengan teman-teman di acara Indonesia. Mulai dari siapa-siapa saja yang mesti dibawakan oleh-oleh, ide buat oleh-oleh, hingga bagaimana yang dioleh-olehin tidak begitu gembira dengan apa yang didapatnya. Gila, kan? Oleh-oleh ini dibawa bukan buat orangtua dan saudara kandung plus keponakan-keponakan saja, tapi juga buat bude-pakde, tulang-nantulang, bulik-paklik, opung A, opung …

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Cowgirl BBQ: Home of The Mother of All Green Chile Cheeseburger

Cowgirl BBQ: The Mother of All Green Chile Cheeseburger

When we visited Santa Fe for the very first time, I noticed signs of green chile cheeseburger were everywhere. Hmm… sounds inviting. After we settled in our hotel room, I flipped through the travel magazine I found in the lobby. I spotted this restaurant called Cowgirl BBQ who won the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown in Santa Fe. So that’s where we headed for lunch the next day.

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Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge: Is One Day Enough?

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge from the Cache entrance.

Surely it’s not enough to explore Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in one day. There’s so much to see and to do. Not to mention if you have to drive three and a half hours to get there; like we did. We arrived on Friday morning at 10.30 and left the next morning before 8 a.m. because my son had a birthday party to attend at 1 p.m. So, we tried to use our time to the max.

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Roaming with the Bison at Caprock Canyons State Park

Bison crossing at Caprock Canyon State Park, Texas.

I was struck with the spacious reddish canyon in the horizon as we drove to our campsite. I thought in Texas I could only see a view like that in Palo Duro. Then we saw a herd of bison by the roadside and around the campsite. Wow! We’re not just roaming with the bison at Caprock Canyons State Park, but sleeping with them as well for the next 2 nights. Sweet!

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